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WildSide Promotions offer marketing and promotion services in Rotorua, New Zealand and beyond, to help businesses and organisations gain awareness for their products, services or events.

Rotorua Event Promotion - Rotorua Zombie WalkKnown locally for her ‘outside the square’ promotional events and concepts, WildSide’s Layla Robinson is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals. Having previously owned a retail store and website design service, Layla knows what it’s like to be in business and understands the difficulties when times get tough. But with the right promotions, staff and processes in place, there is still so much that can be done. WildSide Promotions will work with you on any size project and act as your liaison where needed.

So if you’re just starting out in business, if your existing business needs a revamp, or if you’re planning an event, contact WildSide promotions and let us help you get noticed using modern, affordable methods that your competitors will envy.

FOR BUSINESS:Rotorua Event Promotion - Concert Promotion

Guerrilla marketing | Promotion development Brand research and concept creation Competitor analysis and ass kicking | Product promotion concepts


Event concept, creation and development | Marketing and promotions project managementMedia and Council Liaison | Facebook page and Event listing creation

Rotorua Event Promotion - Rotorua Rocks for ChristchurchINTERNET MARKETING

Internet marketing strategy development | Implementing social media to your every-day business practice On-going advice, content creation and updates | Existing website content analysis | Website rennovations



Rotorua Event Management - Slam Rock

Having worked with many businesses and individuals in the Rotorua region for over 15 years, Layla has teamed up with amazing companies to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. From print and design, to promo models, consultants, venue owners and more, you can be sure that to work with WildSide means you’re working with some of the best in the business!



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